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Celebrity Personal Trainer & Fitness Dance Choreographer

Get The Body The Celebs Have or Simply Improve Your Life With
Toi Rhrara!
  • Toi has taught dance & fitness to every one from everyday people just trying to lose weight & Celebrities getting in shape for TV.
  • Toi has over 6 years of experience, several certifications & degree.
  • Toi's special never-seen before mix of personal training  and nutritional counseling has worked for thousands of people.
  • Toi has helped over 3,000 people world-wide to reach their health and fitness goals.

    Toi travels world-wide and will do In Home Training:

The Categories You'll receive help in is:

  • Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Fitness Dance: Hip-hop & Pole Dancing
  • Life-Coaching 
  • Nutrition
  • Boot Camp
  • Physical Therapy 


              Please call 1-407-692-5226 for a free consultation and let's see how I can help you.






                                                                                                                                              Professional Model & Go-Go Dancer


Everything Toi has done it has been in the name of love! She loves what she does and what she stands for: Health & Beauty (Inside & Out)

Modeling & Dancing in Toi's life, has represented just that: Her dancing always promoted Health and fitness, & her modeling ; Beauty. At the age of 16 Toi enrolled in Flint, Michigan's School of Performing Arts, where there her talents allowed her to Sing, Dance & Act on Broadway.

With her talents perfected, Toi has danced and modeled at over 300 events.

To Book Toi for events or to Book Toi for Dance

Toi Is Skilled In:

  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz                               
  • Merengue                                
  • Fitness Pole Dancing                                       

Fashion Designer

  • Growing up Toi made her stand in entertainment very young. She learned to leave her mark every-where she went.
  • In the public eye and around fashionistas from a young age, Toi started interpreting fashion in her own way & designing her own clothes, She sold her first swimwear piece for $150 at the age of 16 in Detroit, MI.
  • While personal training Toi met very high-profile clientele, who now buy and wears her designs.
  • While it is just a hobby, Toi always keeps her shelves at her online store stocked. You can request any thing from her online store at anytime or Get anything custom made.
  • Toi will keep you looking like a Celebrity from your body to your closet!

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                                                                 Not All Play...Toi Rhrara & Pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Business

    Toi also find the time for School, She is currently pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Management. With the experience behind Toi degree, she can very well be a great asset to growing your company, If your interested in Toi Rhrara's professional resume contact us at

                                                                       FULL LIST & DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES COMING SOON