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Toi was Michigan born, growing up she lived and traveled with her uncle, former NFL player Reggie Allen. Traveling her entire life, he and Toi’s mother invested greatly in Toi’s dancing, modeling and acting talents. Toi even went to 3 different schools for performing arts, this mixed beauty had seen it all. In the 2000’s she had inherited a hefty sum from her uncle to invest into her career. Modeling for years as a hobby and profession she found herself competing in beauty pageants for fun and she won. In 2007 Toi settled in Orlando, Fl jumping straight into the entertainment scene. At 18 Toi became certified in Personal Training and a certified fitness coach. She worked out along side big names and was eventually hired to do one on one personal training and fitness dancing sessions; from there she was even asked to model products & dance with more celebs. In her spare time, she still attends school, and finds time for her hobbies. Toi is quoted saying she does what she wants and she lives every day like it her last. She is traveling and booking every single weekend. She is still young and very driven which makes her the perfect person to have in anyone’s life.